Terrywax (dead)

An intelligent but socially retarded wizard


111 winters ago, two newlyweds was trying to start a family in Vedoria, but unfortunately the woman was not able to bear a child. The couple decided to travel away in order to forget their dreams of having a child when one fateful night they heard the sound of an infant crying in the snow. It was an elf boy, abandoned in the snow in the middle of nowhere. The couple saw this as a blessing and raised and loved the elf as if he was their own.

But alas no one lives forever and the young elf lost his mother and father at the age of 30 Winters. The boy decided to travel the world in order to find a new “family” he could be with. But as the years passed by he soon learned that no one stands the test of time, whether we like it or not.

After all the friends and families he lost he decided to shut himself of emotionally in order to not get hurt again. He found out he had a knack for magic and learned the arcane arts through studying hard and experimenting. At the age of 111 winters the boy, now turned a man, wanted to travel the world, now in order to discover its treasures and mysteries.

Terrywax (dead)

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