Sharklong Divhiyango, "Daggerfall" (MIA)


Standing at 6feet this athletic human got a dark tan to his skin and short brown hair with a goatee. He got a few scars, which each one got their own long story. He prefer walking in efficient clothing, such as leather vests and the like. His most used attire is his leather set, which consists of a dark tanned leather vest, leather pants as well as leather boots and gloves. On his body he is displaying several of his weapons, such as his three daggers he keeps around his belt, the dagger he got on his thigh and several smaller throwing knives on his chest. Little do people know that he also conceals a blade between his shoulder blades under his shirt, both his boots and in his vambracers who got the mechanism to come in and out at will with a practiced move of his wrist.


Sharklong, or known as Shadivh to friends was born in a wealthy family with a older brother Killian and his younger sister Lisiyanna far to the south-east corner of the world. He had a fairly uneventful childhood, growing up playing with his other siblings, it was not before his brother Killian grew of age he also wanted to have responsibilities, but his parents said he was to young to learn the art of business and politics.

Enraged Sharklong packed all of his most essential items he would need out in the world, so he packed a pair of daggers his father had hidden away, since his sword was to big. Then a large handful of their gold and left leaving only a poorly written note behind. “Going to show you all!!” He then set out to explore the world, at a age of 20 winters, roughly 10 years after having left he had seen and experienced things most people would never belive, he took a liking to fine wine as well as women. He is now in the most far away countries he can find, hungering to experience more and more, completely forgotten why he set out in the first place.

Sharklong Divhiyango, "Daggerfall" (MIA)

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