Sabir Jannah (MIA)

"Acta non Verba, I am the one to stop you and your schemes!"


Sabir Jannah was born amongst the Mechant’s caste in Keban. His life’s path was set from the very moment he first opened his yellow eyes, for yellow eyes is a sign of the gods’ favour and it is called being “Movalirh” or “yellow-eyes” in common tounge. He was immediately brought away from his family to learn the ways of the the Sun godess, Sarenrae.

He was devout in his training and firm in his belief, but a sheltered live it hasn’t been. The church of Sarenrae holds firm in its felief that if Good And Honesty isn’t brought to the people then they will never know its true beeing. That is why acolytes of the faith are often tasked with duties in the city of Keban and the lands around.

Sabir wasn’t always an excelent swordsman, fighting just didn’t come naturally to him and neither did the power of the divines. He might have gone though his life as an eternal acolyte, beeing the first Movalirh ever not to manifest divine powers, if it hadn’t been for Iomedae.

Exactly what happened he doesn’t know, but one second he is jumping in front of a loose cart to save a complete stranger, and the next he swore he heard a female voice command him “I give you power to overcome your faults, for few are those who would sacrifice themselves for good even in these times. May your feet and arms spread good, justice and honesty far and wide. And you may never agains speak a lie, do evil or be dishonest. Lest you shal feel my wrath. So commands The Shield Maiden.”

Waking up in what he got to know was a few days later after a miracolous recovery, Sabir found himself able to handle a sword like he never had done anything else his entire life. He was knighted two years later after apprenticing with Sir Kabilar the Righteous. Now fitted with a Paladin armour and a shield with the icon of Sarenrae Sabir wasn’t about to forget who his true saviour was. So Sabir had an inscription made on his blade; “Acta non Verba”, or “Deeds, not words”. This to symbolify that he will do as asked as a thank you for his newfound skill, not sit around and pray and thank her.

Soon after he was tasked to escort the Keban ambassador on a mission to <insert>. He did this with the aid of Sir. Kabilar, who ordered him to take a longer route on his way back, thinking that the young bouy needs to see the world before he starts meddling with it.

Thusly Sabir found himself on a caravan that fateful day when he met his future companions, and the rest is history.

Sabir Jannah (MIA)

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