"So you think you will surive the storm inside of me"


Blond braided hair 2 eye colours right eye is blue left eye yellow and has a scar over it.
wears a dark green robe with a hood. crossbow and a quiver on his back and a dagger in his belt.


Richard was born up in the cold north. when he was 13 he found out he had magical ability the following months he trained his magic in secret and when he felt he had it under control. richard took his grand fathers magical ring because he had heard what it could do, and ran from home and traveld south to warmer places to explore, away from the cold north he hates.

(history of the ring)
His grand father Thorgrim was a werewolf hunter. he used the ring to hunt so he woulden’t need to stop to eat and needed less sleep too be ready. the last werewolf he hunted was the great white one. when the fight was over Thorgrim had been abel to badly hurt the werewolf before it ran away, but it had been able to bite Thorgrim. knowing wath would happen to him he went home and took farwell with his family and left his gear before wandering out in to the wilderness to kill him self.


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