Moiraine "Twinstrike" Damodred (MIA)

"Think I can't do it? Bet ya five talons I can hit that pie at the other end of the orchard!"


Seems timid at first glance. But she has got a mouth that, as her mother says; “Should be washed with soap!”

She’s kinda short tempered, but not to the point of flying into blind rages. More like doing kinda stupid things that end up embarrasing her.

She also has a competitive instinct only rivaled by her brother.

She has a fondness, if not even weakness for games of chance.

(More to come)


Moiraine’s theme


She is a Cook by proffession and was originally gonna inherit the family buisness, wich is a restaurant in a larger city.
When around 15 the son of a local noblehouse took a fancy for her.

She didnt want to marry him, but it isnt simple saying no to ones liegelord.
Mind you, she doesnt dislike the man. Not directly. She just doesnt want the hassle of a life outside what she has already got.
When he proposed her father, understaing her distress, gave her his trusty blade, bow and armour and sent her on her adventuring ways.

A year or two later she met a rouge and scoundrel who went by the name “Daggerfall” as he tried his charms on her. Seeing him mostly as a womanizing slob she quickly rejected his advances, but the man was not gonna stop at just a simple rejection.

He started popping up more and more often as she traveled over te course of a few weeks, till she finally had enough and challenged him to a duel. (More to come)

Concept female archer by cg sphinx d3cwa6q

Moiraine "Twinstrike" Damodred (MIA)

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