Vedoria Anno 305

Attack of the Whight

After some days of relaxation our brave heroes set out on another adventure knowing little that one of them would not return.
The three comrades traveled west to an old farmhouse belonging to the Oldfolk family, where they had troubles with ghosts and other ghastly thing haunting the shed. Without hesitating the heroes heroically accepted the task and ventured forth into the shed for whatever was lying in wait for them. The adventurers looked far and long for signs of gosts without success, but then they finally encountered something in the dark, something so evil that it would haunt their dreams for the rest of their lives. From the darkness an old rotten man leaped out and slammed Terrywax the wizard so hard that he lost a level. The fight with the wretched thing was though but the heroes finally triumphed, but not without it’s prize. The brave and cunning wizard had lost his life in the battle and the two remaining heroes left the farm in grief.

As soon as the heroes returned to Thaller’s Town they were summoned by none other then The steward himself in order to take on a new perilous quest. They were also introduced to a new party member, Gale the unrowdy. After the introductions were made and the quest explained the travelers set out for new adventures and rode off in the sunset.

The Goblin Menace

The adventure start with the three adventurers, Sabir, Terrywax and insert name setting out to find some work. They arrived at a small river village where they heard about the goblin bandit leader Globber. After days of traveling and preparing they finally found tracks of the goblin group and tracked them down to a cave.
In the cave they encountered traps and goblins, and finally Globber himself. The heroes had an epic battle with Globber and his entourage and slayed all the goblins in matter of seconds.
They then traveled to Thaller’s Town to get their reward


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